Research projects

Row Usercode Title Role Status Thesis
1 951421 بررسی اثر پروبیوتیک ها بر روی پیشگیری از انتروکولیت نکروزان در نوزادان پره ترم Executive Contracts yes
2 931412 Determining The Prevalence of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in newborn infant in khorasan razavi province. Executive Finished no
3 922490 The outcome of neonatal in drug (substance) abuser pregnant women Executive Finished yes
4 920810 Determination of phlebotomine sandfly funna and identification of vectors of visceral leishmaniasis in rural area of khorasan Razavi district (2013-2014) Executive Finished no
5 920648 Effect of noise on mean arterial blood pressure and heart rate inVLBW neonate in Qaem hospital NICU Executive Finished yes
6 910460 Investigating and compare of social determinants of health (SDH) in health centers Mashhad1 (samples Andad centers and Toos)1390 Executive Finished yes
7 910279 Prevalance of the risk factors for noncommunicable diseases in children less than 7 years old in mashhad, 1391 Executive Finished yes
8 89475 Effect of Probiotics on feeding tolerance and weight gaining in VLBW Neonates in NICU of Ghaem Hospital Executive Finished yes
9 89452 The evaluation of effects of human recombinant G-CSF administration on early onset sepsis prognosis in premature neonates admitted in NICU ward of GHAEM hospital Executive Finished yes
10 89285 Evalution of effect topical Aloe Vera gel on umbilical cord time separation Executive The Performance yes
11 88320 Applying visual and simulation Techniques in teaching Neonatal Rehabilitation and companing with the present procedures carring out by the medical students of pediatric group Executive Finished no
12 88020 Comparing effect of nasal intermittent mandatory ventilation versus nasal continuous positive airway pressure in reducing reintubation of extubated preterm infants Executive Finished yes
13 87878 Comparison of effect of Aloevera gel versus Lanolin on nipple sore treatment Executive Finished no
14 87338 Survey of variety in Evaluation method & their coordination with clinical education goals for clerkships of Mashhad Qaem Hospital Executive Finished yes
15 86624 Association of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia with UGT1A1 polymorphism Executive Finished yes
16 86567 assess the effectiveness of coconut oil on weight gain in the preterm newborns Executive Finished no
17 85350 The comparative study between serum bilirubin measurement and transcutaneous bilirubinometry with the help of bilitest apparatus on 100 neonates of Imam Reza and Ghaem hospital NICUs. Executive Finished no
18 960547 بررسی شیوع و اتیولوژی هایپوتیروئیدی مادرزادی در مشهد بین سال های 1391تا 1395 Colleague Contracts yes
19 951450 The effect of Inhalation of Melissa officinalis(lemon balm) essential oil on fatigue and sleep quality mothers of premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. Colleague The Performance yes
20 940515 evaluation of relation between umbilical artery aside base and early perinatal complication Colleague Finished yes
21 940502 The Effect of the Designed Discharge Planning on the Quality of Life Mothers Premature Infants Colleague Finished no
22 931583 Evaluation of Intima- Media thickness in neonatal with Congenital Hypothyroidism referred to Endocrinology & Metabolism ward in Imam Reza hospital in Mashhad Colleague Finished yes
23 921714 The effect of maternal factors affecting low birth weight infants in slum areas southeast of Mashhad1393 Colleague Finished no
24 911120 Frequency of HTLV-1 AB. in 6 months to 14 years old children admitted to the pediatric ward of Imam Reza (AS) hospital , Mashhad Iran Colleague Finished no
25 910326 Economic burden of cutaneous lieshmaniasis in Khorasan Razavi province in 1390 Colleague Finished yes
26 910125 Evaluation of fainancial deducation in family medicin planning in mashhad university of medical science in 1389 Colleague Finished no
27 901023 Study about satisfaction of the rural population around Mashhad city about rural family medicine program services and Factors affecting in 1390 Colleague Finished no
28 900817 Detection effect and side effects of varicella vaccine in acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients Colleague Finished yes
29 900468 Evaluation of prevalence of positive urine drug testing ( tramadol ,methadone, morphine, cannabis and amphetamine ) on primary health visitors of Mashhad Colleague The Performance no
30 900179 Efficacy of oral zinc sulfate intake on decreasing neonatal jaundice Colleague Finished yes
31 89967 Comparative Survey on Growth and Development of Children under 5 Years Undergoing Chronic Opiates Abuse and non Opiate peers Colleague Finished no
32 88263 The survey of the rate of Group B streptococcal infection in infants aged less than three months admitted with clinical manifestations of sepsis in Ghaem hospital “Mashhad-Iran” during period in 2009 Colleague Finished yes
33 87911 The comparison of the level of the heat shock protein 70 in neonate with perinatal Asphyxia and healthy neonate Colleague Finished yes
34 86263 Effect of kangaroo mother care on breastfeeding problem, milk volume competence and neonate health in the first three months of age Colleague Finished no
35 86022 بررسی میزان کمی اینترلوکین 6 در آسفیکسی پری ناتال Colleague Finished no